We live in a time that has been facilitated by technological developments, one of which is the emergence of innovation in electric bicycles. The electric cycle is a series of bicycles combined with a motor that is driven by a battery, making it easy to use for anyone, even seniors. Use of transportation equipment using rechargeable batteries.


Electric Cycle

Although public awareness of using bicycles as one of the means of transportation is increasing, bicycles cannot be used as the main means of transportation as in developed countries in general. This is only natural, given the conditions of the roads, especially large cities that are filled with motorized vehicles.

electric cycle
electric cycle


But there is nothing wrong if you start to consider as an alternative vehicle. If you are reluctant to buy a new one, it’s fine to glance at a used electric cycle. Well, before deciding to buy it, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bicycle.


The benefit of Electric Cycle

There are many benefits or advantages of electric bicycles

There are two choices of power, namely using electricity or can be pedaled. If the wearer is elderly or tired, he can use electricity to run a bicycle.

It can be used for daily activities and of course when passing a hill or road that goes up and down does not make users feel tired.

Relatively safer for the environment, because electric bicycles do not produce smoke and do not produce much pollution.

In one recharge, the bicycle can travel around 40-50 Km. That means it can be used for two days continuously.

It is not subject to tax or liability because the speed that can be run is only 30-40 km/hour.


Weaknesses of Electric Cycle

There is nothing perfect, besides having certain advantages there are some weaknesses that we also need to understand. These weaknesses include

Battery life is affected by quality. Usually, the more expensive and well-known battery brands, the quality they have is also much better. Generally, the battery life is 2 years. After the battery life is used up and cannot be recharged, we must be prepared to buy a new battery.

When electricity has run out, this vehicle will lose its practical side and ease.

Unlike a motorcycle, the time needed to charge the battery to full is relatively long, around 8 hours. This should be a special concern for electric bicycle battery manufacturers. So that you are not trapped in the Middle of the road while the condition of the battery is empty, then you can watch it by charging the bike at night when sleeping.

The maximum speed is only 30-40 km/hr, speed shift acceleration is not spontaneous like a motorcycle.

Although an electric bicycle can be pedaled when the battery runs out, it will feel difficult and heavy if used to climb manually.

The recommended maximum load is 125 kg. So it is advisable not to carry too many items when using this bicycle.


Conclusion of Electric Cycle Article

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes, of course, now you feel more confident before making a purchase. As an alternative choice, if you are looking for an electric bicycle at a low price, you can buy a used electric bicycle. You can find information about these bikes from various sources, whether from online sites, newspapers, magazines or coming to the store directly.

It is true that you will benefit in terms of price, but before you decide to buy it, you should be familiar with the seller, so that if there is damage, the seller has the ability to repair.

Modern electric bikes open up so many possibilities whether you want to get out of the car on your commute or you might have troubled joints, aches or pains. Developments in technology also mean that e-bikes make even the toughest terrain possible.