Bicycles function as a means of transportation. bicycles are indeed designed to carry goods. Bicycles were originally designed to support human mobility so that relatively small energy can reach a considerable distance. Bicycle capacity in transporting goods is very limited. When compared to humans who walk on a plain for one hour can reach a significant distance. Bicycles are a means of transportation that is used as a medium of recreation as well as sports. In addition to a healthy body, cycling can also maintain your mental health. Riding a bicycle can be enjoyed by all people of all ages, it can also be done anywhere and anytime. With modification, we can make a motor bicycle.


Motor Bicycle

Modifications do not recognize boundaries, all can be used as material for work. Thanks to sharp thinking, we can add a lawn mower so that it can operate like a motorcycle. After feeling successful at making the bicycle, he then uploaded it to social media. The public response to what was uploaded was quite good.

In fact, from the social media also various orders came to him to make motorized bikes. Orders come from various regions, even overseas. Although it has been modified in such a way, the main function of the bike remains and can still be used. If the engine is not turned on the bike can still be pedaled as usual with the existing pedal. To modify one bicycle unit, it takes around 10 days.


Same Thing

Like an ordinary bicycle, we make the frame as an engine compartment at the bottom. Then the suspension and braking system is like a motorcycle in general. They stated that the lawn mower was quite comfortable to drive. This bicycle is claimed to be able to bulldoze the incline.

In addition to lawn mowers, other machines can be used. For example, used motor engines. The principle is the same. Bicycles are fitted with motor engines.