Electric motors are getting an increasing number of not unusual sight on American roads. And while just a few brands can also dominate the news cycle, there is without a doubt nicely over a dozen completely battery electric powered models on sale within the US these days. Let’s talk about the electric car range list.


Electric Car Range List

We concept it would be beneficial to throw together a guide to higher make experience of all your electric options if you’re on the hunt for a new automobile. And to go a step similarly, we are also adding just how a long way each one will pass on an unmarried charge.


Audi E-Tron

Audi’s first cause-constructed battery electric avenue vehicle has been on our radar for a long term, however now it’s finally beginning to get to dealerships in the US for checking out and order books are open. This electric SUV packs a 95-kilowatt-hour battery and the most variety of 204 miles. The E-Tron’s beginning price isn’t always reasonably-priced at around $75,000, but you do get lots of Audi exceptional for that money.


BMW i3

BMW’s i3 has always been a touch bizarre searching and costly at $ forty-four,450, but it does offer some matters that nothing else in the magnificence can healthy. the most important of these is its carbon-fiber chassis, which increases stiffness, reduces weight and appears top notch on a spec sheet. The i3 is clearly intended to be a metropolis car with a distinctly brief variety — up to 153 miles — but it is easy to park and a pleasant vicinity to spend time, so we can not fault it too much.


Chevrolet Bolt

The Bolt became the mainstream automobile industry’s first real, sensible solution to Tesla’s electric juggernauts. It is an inexpensive little hatchback that doesn’t stick out just like the i3 and packs masses of all-electric powered range at 238 miles. With a starting charge of just $36,620, the Bolt has positioned itself as an appropriate opportunity to an interminable look ahead to a $35,000 version 3 from Tesla.


Fiat 500e

The fact that Fiat nevertheless makes and sells the 500e is wild. it is arguably one of the least successful EVs on sale nowadays, and it is no longer in particular reasonably-priced at simply below $33,000, considering what it’s far. still, in case you want something Fiat-formed and don’t ought to power greater than eighty-four miles between charges, it’s the automobile for you.



The Honda readability electric powered is available, it’s spacious and those are the type of the nice matters we can say approximately it. whilst you don’t forget its length and the opposition, a number just 89 miles is unacceptable. add in which you can not purchase the car outright, only rent it, and it compounds things similarly. nevertheless, it’s a Honda and all the stuff that Honda does nicely — like build best — is up there, so that counts for something.



Hyundai is getting manner greater into the electrical vehicle recreation, however, the car that commenced it out for them was the Ioniq electric powered, and you can nevertheless get it. it’s primary in almost every sense of the phrase, together with variety — 124 miles — but it’s also fundamental in the fee. This terrible boy lists for just a hair over $30K and that makes it a respectable deal.

electric car range list
electric car range list


Hyundai Kona electric

The Kona electric is one of the maximum interesting new EVs you may buy proper now. It has outstanding variety, weird-however-fun styling, heaps of trendy equipment and all the other killer Hyundai stuff, such as an outstanding assurance. The Kona EV is lots faster and greater fun to force than you would anticipate, whilst its range of 258 miles puts it the various top-echelon of modern-day battery-electrics. With a rate tag starting at $36,950, you’re getting plenty to your money.



Jaguar becomes one of the remaining companies we would have expected to launch a purely electric SUV. but it did, and the decision ended up working in its prefer. The I-pace looks as if not anything else, drives like a Jag and offers an actual opportunity to the Tesla version X. The I-pace is a sensible beast too, having been designed from the ground as much as be an EV, it has masses of space for human beings and matters and a substantial range of 234 miles.


Kia Niro EV

Kia’s Niro EV is Kia’s best attempt yet at making a totally battery-electric powered SUV that offers appropriate range — 239 miles — for now not plenty of cash ($38,500 to begin), and it amazed us when we drove it for the primary time. it is extra fun than it seems or specifications would suggest and it’s full of a deep roster of preferred capabilities that make current Kias so hard to overcome for price.


Kia Soul EV

The Kia Soul EV is an outstanding alternative for someone who wants an EV however who would really like to fly below the radar maximum of the time. it’s the lower priced, nicely-concept-out little SUV-hatchback-crossover thing we have continually cherished, simply with manner greater torque and a number of only 111 miles. however, we’d advocate which you anticipate the 2020 version, which is better in almost every way if you’re thinking about this.


Nissan Leaf

Ah sure, the granddaddy of all low-cost electric motors. there’s a purpose that the Leaf is the arena’s bestselling EV by an aspect of a zillion. And if you’ve hung out in a single these days, you’ll realize it’s easy to see why this is. The Leaf is a simple, properly-constructed, lower-priced electric car that gives reasonable variety — a hundred and fifty miles — and nevertheless feels a touch like the future.


Nissan Leaf Plus

The Leaf Plus is Nissan’s answer to vehicles just like the Tesla model 3, the Kona electric and the Bolt. It has the Leaf line’s quality range but at 226 miles, and whilst it is not as reasonably-priced as the same old leaf, it offers you extra in your money. greater what? strength and torque often. sure some of its techs is a touch old, however meaning it’s properly validated at this factor.


Smart ForTwo EQ

this is a vehicle that has by no means been a big dealer in the US. it’s expensive, now not very sensible and admittedly not the first rate. clever has announced that the 2019 model 12 months could be the company’s closing inside the US and Canada, and given the EQ’s low-income numbers, we are no longer surprised. nonetheless, its got more than a few 58 miles (the worst on our listing, but masses in a city) and is probably the very best thing on our list to park, so if this is a concern for you, act speedily.


Tesla three

this is the EV to which all different midpriced electric powered cars have to solution. Version three is simply that appropriate. it’s relaxed, fun to force has heaps of cargo area and one of the first-rate levels in its class — the long-range AWD model gives 310 miles. that does not suggest that it’s no longer without its downsides. it’s no longer reasonably-priced, its interior is spartan, and the center show can take a few getting used to. additionally, Tesla’s build quality is notoriously spotty, but if you may stay with all that, the model three is hard to beat.


Tesla S

The version S has been around in extra or less the identical form on the grounds that 2012. it is gotten numerous updates to its hardware, its styling and its overall performance however it’s far nevertheless one of the oldest automobiles right here. That stated, it is also the reigning champ of all-electric powered range. thanks to a recent overhaul, the S 100D can eke out 370 miles on a single price. unluckily, it is also $88,000 before including such things as one-of-a-kind wheels, paint or Tesla’s dubiously named full Self-riding characteristic.


Tesla X

The Tesla Model X is just like the Model S in that it’s rapid and costly, but it is also bigger, roomier and has the craziest doorways to be located on a manufacturing automobile this aspect of the Lamborghini Aventador. way to a similar replacement to the Model S, the X 100D now offers 325 miles of range on a single price. that is now not awful for something so massive.


Volkswagen e-golf

Volkswagen has been teasing us with electric identity ideas for years now, and while a number of those are purported to make it to manufacturing quickly, the handiest EV you can presently get from VW is the standard e-golfing. The Mk VII golfing is already a pretty terrific platform, to begin with, and while the eGolf’s range isn’t stellar at just 119 miles, it is a pleasing enough vehicle to stay with and force. Plus, with a beginning fee of $31,895, it is really now not that terrible of a deal.