In this modern era, people’s mobility is very high. Reliable transportation will support the massive movement of people. Cars are a very popular alternative. Unfortunately, the resulting exhaust emissions are very detrimental to health. Electric cars are created to overcome this problem. The define electric car is a car driven by electricity.


Define Electric Car

Electric cars are cars that are needed for the future. Energy electricity is stored in the battery to be used as the main power or energy reserve to move. Electric cars have many advantages compared to conventional oil-fueled cars. This type does not cause noise. This is very beneficial because it reduces noise pollution which disturbs comfort. Exhaust gas emissions are also relatively small. Thus reducing exposure to the greenhouse effect that causes global warming.

Electric cars use a rechargeable battery. The Electric charging can be done at home or at the filling station. Electric energy comes from power plants that use renewable energy.

define electric car
define electric car


Energy electricity is a spectacular discovery in this century. Dependence on electricity is indeed very large. Electricity can be obtained from the use of energy motion in wind movements, water currents that drive turbines or from solar energy.


Green Energy

The wind is used to move windmills. The spinning wheel will drive a turbine that produces electricity. The use of this wind energy requires a very large area to build windmills. Usually, the installation can be found in rural or mountainous areas.

Water is a very abundant natural resource. To build a hydroelectric power plant, rivers are usually dammed. Water will flow from a high area to a lower place. This is the basic principle. The current will move the waterwheel which in turn will rotate the turbine. This turbine converts motion energy into electricity.


Solar Energy

Sunlight is an unlimited source of energy. As long as there is life, the sun will always be faithful to accompany. Power plant installations require high technology. Solar cells must be built to capture sunlight. This sunlight will later be converted into electricity. The disadvantage of this technology is that it requires a very large area as a catch of light. The price of very expensive solar cells is an obstacle.


Apart from the 3 types of renewable energy above, there are still many other alternative energies which are also very interesting. Such as energy biomass and hydrogen.

The above are renewable energy sources that are simply reviewed. Energy generated electricity is friendly to the environment. This will make the planet we live in more comfortable.