Today’s city development is very worrying. A lot of vehicles pass everywhere. Making traffic jams worse. City traffic jams cause air pollution. We become disturbed by breathing. ARI and other lung diseases often attack. This is where the Compact electric car takes part.

Electric cars are considered environmentally friendly. Low exhaust emissions and quiet sound are the advantages of this type of car. Cars driven by electricity are a solution to urban problems. Become a substitute for conventional cars that use fuel oil.

The main disadvantage of electric cars is mileage. At present, the electric car is not able to travel 1000 miles in one battery charge. This is caused by limited battery capacity. The development of technology in the battery field is expected to patch this gap. With increasingly advanced battery technology, it is expected that electric cars will have a distance that is equivalent to the usual distance traveled by conventional cars.

Conventional fossil fuel cars have side effects in the form of CO2 exhaust emissions. This poisonous gas can make humans inhale sick. CO2 also causes a greenhouse effect. Contributing to global warming. This is one that causes the air to feel hot lately.


Compact Electric Car

Cars with battery power come to bring change. The energy driving the car is stored in the battery and will be used at the right time. This battery can be recharged. This filling can be done at home or at the battery charging station. If you don’t want to have trouble, we can build an electric car battery charging installation at home. So we can charge at any time.

We can find various types of electric cars. Ranging from low-priced to lux. Or from a small to the largest capacity. These are some of the electric cars on the market.


Nissan Leaf

The leaf is a variant of the Nissan car that uses electrical energy as its driver. This Nissan car has an achievement as the most widely used electric car in the world. Its sweet shape and affordable price are the main attraction of this compact electric car.

the granddaddy of all affordable electric cars. There is a reason that the Leaf is the world’s bestselling EV by a factor of a zillion. And if you’ve spent time in one recently, you’ll know it’s easy to see why that is. The Leaf is a simple, well-built, affordable electric car that offers reasonable range — 150 miles — and still feels a little like the future.


Tesla Model 3

If we discuss an electric car, it will feel less if it does not involve Tesla. A factory that is very concentrated in the procurement of electric cars. Tesla is very important in the development of electric car technology. Model 3 is one of the cars that many people dream of. The futuristic design makes people amazed. Not to mention the credibility of the manufacturer’s company that makes people more trust and choose Tesla as its first car.

This is the EV to which all other midpriced electric vehicles have to answer. Model 3 is just that good. It’s comfortable, fun to drive, has tons of cargo space and one of the best ranges in its class — the Long Range AWD model offers 310 miles. That doesn’t mean that it’s not without its downsides. It’s not cheap, its interior is spartan, and the center display can take some getting used to. Also, Tesla’s build quality is notoriously spotty, but if you can live with all that, the Model 3 is hard to beat.

compact electric car
compact electric car


Toyota Prius

We should thank Toyota. This manufacturing company is the originator of the electric car. The Prius is one of the first electric cars made for commercial purposes. And achieve success. Prius is considered to carry technology that precedes its era. When everyone talks about developing cars with fossil fuels, Toyota becomes a differentiator by offering compact electric car technology.