The electric revolution is about to choose up the tempo in 2019, with a whole host of latest fashions hitting the USA marketplace inside the coming months, from high-quit Teslas to ordinary Leaf. with regards to automobiles, the future is virtually electric — however on forecourts throughout the country, that electrified destiny is already here. Some electric powered cars do appearance quite good looking electric cars satisfactory. Tesla places out three very nicely designed cars, BMW has some interesting electrics on the road as nicely, but it does seem that nearly every other car corporation seems to think that an electric automobile has to have an unusual appearance and ai just don’t believe that.


For a brand new EV to have an impact available on the market, it should have two matters:

(1) It needs to be compelling; a real competitor for first-rate-selling gas mobiles, and not a “dorkmobile”, nor an uncomfortable and underpowered “punishment car”.

(2) It must be made and sold in enormous numbers as gas mobile fashions are.

Multiple compelling plug-in EVs have appeared in the marketplace in the beyond yr, or soon will seem inside the next few months. cars inclusive of the Jaguar I-tempo and the Hyundai Kona electric powered. automobiles that have attracted press on EV web sites, and have EV advocates excited.


However wherein is the quantity? It seems the Kona electric may have sales constrained, as a minimum in the U.S. to the CARB States only. And it looks like Jaguar gained be making sufficient of the I-tempo to fulfill demand, either.

But it’s not that I want to see Tesla stay the handiest vehicle maker making and promoting PEVs (Plug-in EVs) in massive numbers; it’s that Tesla is the most effective automobile maker (aside from BYD) that are sincerely doing that.

This isn’t just my opinion; it’s now a validated fact. as an example, Volkswagen has complained approximately having to visit a couple of battery cell makers to get enough cells over the following few years, due to the fact nobody cell maker can provide them an ok deliver.


Good Looking Electric Cars

There’s plenty to keep in mind when good good-looking an electric powered vehicle: variety, efficiency, seating capability, and price. however what approximately look? beauty is in the attention of the beholder of the route electric vehicle. here, in our opinion, are the contemporary excellent looking electric vehicles.


Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Beauty is in the attention of the beholder, and whilst there are a few who assume the egg-formed. is a form of cool-searching (this team covered,) most might probably location it pretty some distance back on this listing. though Mitsubishi has formally discontinued the i-MiEV for 2018, many dealers are nonetheless seeking to sell their 2017s, that’s why we have covered it in this listing. It additionally makes it easy to snag an even higher deal. If you can do with a brief-variety electric runabout, the deeply-discounted Mitsubishi is a reasonably-priced (if no longer quite) way to get into electric motoring.


BMW i3

One of the advantages of an electric car is that it doesn’t need to be designed to the equal form element as a gasoline-powered car. with no cumbersome fuel engine and transmission to suit under the hood, designers are free to pen new shapes, and that’s precisely what BMW i3.

The outcomes are, properly, polarizing. even as the i3 certainly sticks out, and its tiny size makes it easy to park, aesthetically, it’s quite a whole lot the opposite of its plug-in-hybrid sibling, the attractive i8 sports automobile. thankfully, the i3 has different charms as it’s ridiculously short and suitable fun to drive.


Chevrolet Bolt

Fortunately for the Chevrolet Bolt EV, splendor is the most effective skin deep. that is arguably one of the high-quality electric vehicles available on the market, with 238 miles of EPA-licensed variety, a $37,495 rate tag ($29,995 after Federal tax incentives,) and a notable powertrain with a super regenerative braking device. when you master the Bolt’s one-pedal using the gadget, you may in no way go returned. The Bolt EV provides the whole lot the Tesla version three promised, lengthy range and a (quite) low charge, which is greater than the model three has carried out to date.

good looking electric cars
good looking electric cars


The Nissan Leaf

The antique Leaf turned into designed to stand out. it’s for a chunk more traditional, there’s no mistaking the French to have an effect on its shares with other Nissan automobiles. (though Nissan is a jap automaker, their figure employer, Renault, is French.) We like the look of the new Leaf, which manages to be each conventional and futuristic. It looks different, but not that exceptional. The Leaf’s a hundred and fifty-mile range falls brief of the 238-mile Chevrolet Bolt EV, but Nissan has priced the Leaf at $30,875 ($23,375 after Federal tax incentives,) which could be very reasonable for an electrically powered vehicle. And feel like that constantly seems exact.


Fiat 500

It’s difficult no longer to smile whilst you see a Fiat 500. The battery-powered 2018 Fiat 500e cranks up the lovely with non-compulsory orange-trimmed outdoors details (though you could also get simple monochromatic paint if that’s your issue.) like the BMW i3, the Fiat 500e is very brief and massive amusing to force, more so even than the gasoline-powered 500.


Kia Soul

It stocks its body with the boxy-and-hip Soul, and Kia offers it in a cool electric-blue-and-silver paint scheme that sincerely stands proud. combined with the plated-over grille, it appears a piece like a Soul that stepped out of a time machine. The Soul’s sub-one hundred-mile variety puts it towards the back of the %, and the rate, around $35,000 before tax incentives, is a bit on the high side. nevertheless, in case you’re good-looking an EV with fashion, the Soul is worthy of your attention.


VW Golf

Every now and then subtlety is quality, and that’s why we like the 2018 Volkswagen e-golfing. that is the electric vehicle that doesn’t scream that it’s an electric car.



The version S is ridiculously fast — the fastest model, the P100D, goes from 0-60mph in an awe-inspiringly fast 2.five seconds — and rivals any of its more illustrious competition for speed without generating an unmarried emission.