The future of transportation technology is in the hands of electric vehicles. They are emission-free, save energy and convert renewable energy into motion. Soaring gas prices and environmental problems, electric cars became popular in response to some of these problems. Electric cars disadvantages are that they cannot reach high speeds like conventional vehicles.

Now switching to EVS will change little or maybe extend our problem because we still depend on power plants to drive vehicles. After the car IS a power plant and can regenerate electricity to save back to the battery they carry, the car will be significantly improved to the extent that the market will demand so many of them the car company will be overwhelmed.


Electric Cars Disadvantages

  1. Less powerful

In general, electric cars are still not powerful enough to accelerate and climb quickly.


  1. Electric cars are too expensive

44% of people consider the price of an electric car too expensive. However, tax incentives of up to $ 7,500 are available for those who buy new EVs in the US.

The batteries that drive these cars are expensive. Technology Lithium-ion batteries that are promising and durable are cheaper. And if the battery lasts only around 4 years, they can add maintenance costs.


  1. Can’t be used for long trips

This is a subjective problem. For some people, a long journey can be 50 miles, while for others it can reach 150 miles. For some people, this range will really not be enough for their ‘long journey’, but for others, they will do it.

Electric cars can only travel about 100 miles with a single battery charge. Chrysler’s proposed EVS technology should have a longer car.


  1. It takes a long time to charge the battery

Not surprisingly, the charging time of electric vehicles is still a major complaint about consumers. Not to mention, we must bring additional equipment for charging. Electrically powered vehicles require charging stations, and for people who travel far, there needs to be a network of stations that are strategically located. Battery recharging also often takes about 3 hours, which does not match the efficiency of gas refueling.


  1. I can’t charge the battery at home


  1. Electric cars are very heavy

Actually, a battery that makes this electric vehicle become heavy. The average electric car battery pack can weigh up to 1,000 pounds or 450 kg.


  1. Causes of pollution

Electric cars that have the slogan ‘clean & green’ also cause pollution, even though indirectly. there are toxic elements in the battery and that can emit toxic fumes. Furthermore, the car engine is powered by electricity, and all of that is not produced from renewable energy sources.

electric cars disadvantages
electric cars disadvantages


Electric Cars Research

Research has proven that EVs that run on electricity generated from coal-fired generators can reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles as much as half of what will be emitted if there is an IC engine. This energy consumption will be lower if the generator is turned on from a cleaner energy source. Research on highly efficient electric vehicles is still ongoing in India and every year, EV technology is increasing rapidly.

The current losses are very numerous, such as the initial costs and costs of replacing batteries and the negative impact to the earth that rushes to inferior technology will have for 20-50 years. Lithium Ion batteries are not easily recycled and they take a lot of resources to produce. That’s a big problem.

If the car can charge itself while driving and you don’t need to plug it in unless it’s possible once a year or if you don’t drive it for one month + we will have an EV that is worthy to be diverted. Until that time some people might switch but do not improve our driving experience. Car companies focus on making “self-driving” cars rather than “self-powered” cars because like the oil companies they want to get.


That brings me to my next main point

Say oil companies are greedy and that is why we have to switch to giving battery companies permission to become greedy even after we know how bad an oil company is. Is the battery company dedicated to mining the earth for metals in a friendly way? Do they at least use electric-powered mining equipment or do they destroy the planet to save the world?

Some people might say that a car company won’t work, but that is nonsense. A company with more than 100 years of experience makes the car experience a previous shift and will see a shift again. To say “car companies will not succeed” pretends that all cars are not too similar under them. They share so many unreasonable parts to think that parts of suppliers will not invest much in making sure car companies buy the parts they sell.EV is not quite ready for the mainstream. They don’t offer big profits at this time other than “trading money for gas for batteries”.


End Part

Despite pollution-free, electric vehicles still, get environmental costs because they use electricity which is once again produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal. Electric vehicles can only cover up to 100 miles before recharging like gasoline cars that can cover up to 300 miles with a full tank. Full charging time can be for 8 hours. So a driver may be stranded indefinitely when the vehicle is not functioning. Batteries used in ATVs that use electricity are very expensive and need to be replaced once or more in a vehicle. Furthermore, this battery is very large and occupies a lot of vehicle space.