Whether or not you’ve got a protracted daily travel or always stay closer to domestic, maximizing your MPG has never intended greater. Here are the best gas mileage truck, ranked by using combined gas economy while equipped with an automatic transmission.


Best Gas Mileage Truck

Driving a truck not wishes to mean ache at the pump. Nowadays, there are numerous vehicles that provide notable strength, overall performance, and fuel economy. in case you’re looking for the maximum gasoline-green truck on the market nowadays or the vehicles with the pleasant gas mileage, this list is a useful region to begin your seek.

So, you want a truck, however, the fee of gasoline nowadays is providing you with a pause. Good day, we pay attention you. With the scale of the standard truck’s gas tank, you can be searching at 100 dollars on every occasion you top off. however, the top news is, automakers are running difficult to save you money at the pump, and there may be a quite solid organization of fuel-efficient trucks available on the market proper now.


Toyota Tundra

The usual features of the Toyota Tundra SR 4.6L V8 include i-force 4.6L V-eight 310hp engine, 6-pace automated transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), facet seat hooked up airbags, curtain 1st and second row overhead airbags, driver and passenger knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, air conditioning, 18″ styled metal wheels, cruise manage, All-velocity Dynamic Radar Cruise control distance pacing, ABS and driveline traction control, electronic stability.

best gas mileage truck
best gas mileage truck


Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge Ram 1500 automated three.6L is powered by a Pentastar V6 that can provide 305 hp and 269 lb-feet of torque, with an anticipated 17 mpg town and 25 mpg highway.1 those gasoline economic system numbers are based totally on using the truck in -wheel pressure, but if you need a few greater power for hauling a heavy load or getting out of a hard spot, you can choose 4-wheel power. The 2016 stay clear of Ram 1500 also gives thrilling functions together with 11 different trims to choose from, as well as Rear Park help, and a backup digicam on certain trims.


Chevrolet Silverado

The entirety’s relative with regards to older vans with true gasoline mileage. In other phrases, despite the fact that the pinnacle performers right here can be more gasoline-green than their pickup competitors, don’t assume them to be as budget-friendly as motors or crossovers. you can, but, anticipate them to offer the unbeatable hauling blessings of an open shipment mattress. a number of these entries below will deliver serious towing and payload ratings, too, however, we’ve additionally long gone deeper into the past for some clearly efficient selections from a few many years beyond. certainly, some of these trucks top forty mpg. simply notice: EPA testing strategies have been revised over the years, and the eye-popping numbers for older motors won’t be directly comparable to offer-day ratings.

A hybrid pickup would appear to offer a huge range of advantages for contemporary-day customers, however, you have to examine older vehicles with appropriate fuel mileage to get one. as an instance, the Chevrolet Silverado became available with GM’s innovative two-mode hybrid setup. counting on regenerative braking, a 300-volt “energy storage system,” and a 6.0-liter V8 engine, this Silverado served up EPA grades of 21 mpg city/22 mpg motorway/21 mpg combined. as compared to a gas-handiest Silverado of the time, the hybrid had 50 percent better town efficiency, 15 percentage higher highway performance, and 31 percent higher combined performance. Nor can any of these days’ pickups—notwithstanding their advances—attain 20 mpg in highway riding.



Many human beings have traded their best gas mileage truck for something that makes use of less gasoline, but in case you want to power a truck and have to tug a trailer. Slight improvements are smooth to accomplish simply by means of staying aware of fuel-saving basics and converting old conduct. right here are some methods to grow your gasoline mileage and help keep the air we all breathe a bit purifier.


Non-stop up and down acceleration and braking reduce your gasoline economy. preserve a constant velocity and take it gradual and easy on starts and stops. Gradual down a little in preferred if you could, because the truck uses more gasoline when you pressure at better speeds.