Hybrid cars are starting to shift the role of fossil-fueled cars. Moreover, many car manufacturers have prepared supporting technology. This environmentally friendly car continues to grow in the world. As an environmentally friendly vehicle, hybrid cars use two types of technology as a source of energy. Conventional engines are the main driving force, while the battery engine is a backup.

hybrid cars
hybrid cars

Hybrid Cars

The goal of hybrid technology is to increase car safety. Additional power produced by the battery can be used for other electrical purposes such as audio. The battery is charged when the engine starts. Generator that functions as a converter of energy into electricity to charge the battery.

At high speeds, conventional engines will take over, as driving forces for cars. At the same time the battery is charged. When going to overtake another vehicle, the engine power and battery will work together. This is because the car requires very large acceleration power.

Braking is the location of the superiority of hybrid cars. Turning the wheel during braking, functions as a generator. Of course the result is electricity that can be stored on the battery. The battery’s electrical power for motor drives is generated from regenerative braking and from the engine. Very efficient. And the great thing is that the car engine will die when the car stops in the traffic light. Car audio stays on because it uses electricity from an existing battery.

Hybrid vehicles use the merging benefits of gasoline engines and battery-powered electric motors, to reduce fuel consumption. The gasoline engine provides most of the power for the car, and the electric motor provides additional power when needed, such as to speed up the vehicle and to overtake.


Hybrid cars Are An Alternative

Lots of hybrid cars that have high efficiency. This means that consumers become profitable because the cost savings provided are very large. Not to mention the maintenance of very cheap cars. This can occur due to a very long battery life.

The price of fossil fuels is very high, making hybrid cars famous. Automotive companies compete to make cars that are fuel efficient, without reducing performance. Irritating fuel, which means reducing exhaust emissions which in turn will reduce air pollution. In addition, noise pollution can also be suppressed because hybrid cars are not noisy.


Slowly but surely, the role of fossil-fueled cars began to be shifted with environmentally friendly cars. Hybrid cars are becoming a smart choice today. The fuel is economical, the air quality is better, and is comfortable to use to add value to this vehicle. Price difference is no longer a big problem, right?