An electric vehicles is a means of transportation that uses an electric motor as a source of propulsion. This vehicle is a lot of its kind. Electric trains, electric cars, electric bicycles, electric boats, electric planes, and others. The principle of any kind of traditional vehicles can be converted into vehicles with electric technology.

electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electricity becomes the main choice as a driving force. This is what happened in the 19th century. At the same time, there was an electric vehicle. In an instant, this vehicle captivates everyone who sees it. Not noisy, this is one of the charmers. Yet this quiet sound is like a double-edged sword. Make the rider comfortable, but endangers pedestrians. To this day electric power continues to be used on trains, such as on electric rail.

This type of vehicle is considered a solution of the greenhouse effect. This is due to the low emissions of exhaust gas produced. Good answer for fossil-fueled cars. Reduced oil and gas reserves, raising public awareness to seek alternative energy. Besides the more expensive price.


Electric Vehicles Study

There is something surprising from a study in China. China was chosen as a research sample because the number of electric vehicles there is very large, especially cars and electric motorcycles. This pollution study states that the emission of fine particles of electric vehicles is greater than that of conventional vehicles. Fine emissions are generated by generators used to run electric vehicles.

This electric vehicle is very unique. So emissions are generated not when the vehicle is used. Emissions combustion occurs when electricity is being charged. Regulation of electric cars became the main focus. Development of cleaner power plants is imperative, in addition to emissions control in the pollution sector.

Cherry as one of the big manufacturing companies is very concerned about this. They found that the fine particles generated by electric vehicles are quite high. Higher when compared to conventional vehicles. This has an impact on public health. The results of the research is quite surprising. The resulting impact of e-cars is lower than that of diesel cars. And the champion is e-bike. A very environmentally friendly electric vehicle with very low environmental impact.

Finally Electricity becomes the main choice, people like it.