Electric cars are vehicles that can move because of the electric motor. The use of rechargeable batteries is very common. This rechargeable battery is excellent because it is environmentally friendly. Therefore electric cars are included in the application of green energy.

The development of electric cars runs very slowly. So many challenges faced. But since the discovery of more efficient battery technology, the advancement of electric cars spelled out rapidly. Manufacturing companies are racing to create an efficient electric car.

Concerns about the skyrocketing world oil prices also triggered the rapid technology in the field of electric cars. Oil prices are getting higher and higher. Not to mention the greenhouse effect caused by exhaust emissions. Everyone is concerned about this. Renewable energy becomes a way out for all of this.

The biggest obstacle to the development of electric cars is the price. Batteries as a source of power from electric cars are very expensive. Although the battery has been produced massive but has not been able to make the sale price of batteries to be cheap. This causes the price of electric cars to be much more expensive than conventional cars.

Consumers sometimes think, is the battery powerful enough to travel long? This concern is becoming increasingly large with fewer electric charging stations. The above-mentioned things are the cause of delayed progress in the field of electric car technology.

electric cars

Electric Cars

The 19th century, It was during this era that electric cars were born. The easy operation makes electric cars fast popular. Its popularity began to fade when conventional cars began to innovate. Ordinary car technology is becoming advanced, making the vehicle can go at a higher speed. It can also take longer distances. Both of these cause many people to switch to ordinary cars. But the difference in price is very large, this is the cause of electric car lose prestige. Slow but surely, electric cars were abandoned. The 19th century is a time when electricity is still very reliable to move something.

The Resurrection of Electric Cars

In 2000 there was a terrible economic turmoil. This causes the manufacturing company to reduce the production of wasteful cars fuel. They switch to electric cars. At the same time, consumers are becoming aware of the dangers of the greenhouse effect. Exhaust emissions of ordinary cars make global climate change.

Electric cars have low maintenance costs. Battery price is still expensive. But the battery maintenance cost is very light. Rechargeable lithium battery with long usage. Battery charging stations are also increasingly rife built in various places. This adds to the comfortable use of electric cars.

The noise pollution produced by conventional cars does not happen here. Electric car produce very low noise. The consumers happy. New car with environmentally friendly technology with the quiet sound. I always dream of this situation, you also right?