We Energies has been participating in a big-scale experiment to look at how augmented fact may want to in shape into the strength industry to allow an extra green and more secure work environment within the future. The take a look at is backed by means of the electrical electricity studies Institute (EPRI) and is performed via Marquette college.

Augmented reality is an era that overlays a user’s view of the bodily global with digital gadgets and records. Power organization employees should use augmented fact headsets to get entry to statistics, history, tactics and maps of energy flora and electric powered distribution device whilst on site.

Over the past 12 months, energy plant operators tested wearable technology for ergonomics. It takes a look at look at 4 main issues of the usage of this hardware for workers inside the power enterprise:

  • Neck and shoulder results because of brought weight to the helmet
  • Eyewitness
  • motion and balance
  • Situational recognition

Examine consequences may have an impact on developers of augmented truth equipment.

During a recent take a look at of the system on the Elm street generating Station, Randy Scheck, plant vital scheduler, stated, “by using collaborating on this trying out, we can assist enhance era and be prepared for possible future implementation.”

This EPRI examine is one in all many that We Energies has participated in during the last 20 years. One spotlight noted by way of Marquette Professor Richard Marklin, who enables the research projects, become a examine that led more electric powered strength agencies to change from guide equipment to battery-powered equipment to cut cables. We Energies employees were the test subjects for that influential look at.

EPRI lately supplied special recognition to energy technology and area Operations for their provider to ergonomics research.

Eric Bauman, EPRI senior technical leader and software supervisor, said, “This award is offered to We Energies for over 20 years of priceless in-type help to advance the technological know-how, engineering and realistic applications of ergonomics studies conducted by using the electrical electricity studies Institute to enhance the fitness, safety and pleasant of existence for the committed people in the electrically powered software enterprise and their households.”

The popularity turned into supplied to Pat Stiff, VP – coal and biomass, and Vern Peterson, vice president – Wisconsin area operations.

“These research clearly have an impact on our employees. Because of this exceptional partnership, personnel is available working more secure, their careers maybe longer, and they’ll revel in retirement a lot extra due to the fact they’ll be without the aches and the trials,” stated Peterson.

WE Energies
WE Energies

WE Energies

“We Energies is really seemed as very modern and is one of the leaders of protection and health throughout the enterprise. One piece of proof of that is that We Energies followed early on battery-powered tools,” said Marklin. “I sleep nicely at night time understanding the work and studies we’ve performed with We Energies have reduced the risk of injuries to people.”

We offer electric carrier to clients in quantities of Wisconsin and Michigan’s top Peninsula. We also serve natural gas clients in Wisconsin and steam customers in downtown Milwaukee.

Our annual corporate duty record demonstrates our commitment to sustainable business practices. With information on our monetary, environmental and social overall performance, the file illustrates our ongoing progress as an organization and our contributions to the groups we serve.

We assist projects selling economic health, arts, and way of life, education, and environment. As an extension of our outreach, personnel serves on a number of nonprofit boards. We additionally conduct annual administrative center giving campaigns for the arts and United manner, and we fit our personnel’ very own charitable giving to instructional, arts and cultural corporations.


We Energies Steam Produced

Steam produced at Valley energy Plant serves about three hundred clients for heating and business methods. Our Milwaukee district energy region extends about from Mitchell road north to West Vliet avenue, and from Lake Michigan west to 19th road.

At Valley power Plant, electricity is generated by way of burning herbal gas in a furnace to create warmth. In a boiler, the warmth converts water into steam, which drives a turbine that drives a generator to make power. Cogeneration happens while a part of the steam used to generate power is extracted from the turbine and dispensed to downtown Milwaukee for sterilizing, laundering, meals processing, space and water heating, and other functions.


WE power group’s challenge consists of a dedication to enhance the best of life within the regions served by its businesses.