The world network is dealing with a challenge of ancient proportions to define a brand new energy paradigm based totally on fossil-electricity substitutes. This article offers a top-level view of the modern global power state of affairs (2007). And of the technologies that have the primary ability for offering energy as much as the year 2050 without jeopardizing the CO2 emission targets.

new energy
new energy

New Energy

The New energy is defined as resources of power which might be renewable and environmentally pleasant, consisting of solar strength, wind energy, and biofuels. New energy covers the brand new technical, monetary and political trends on whether the movement and renewable power. Together with grids, batteries, and e-mobility. Join the transfer to renewable.

Easy, secure, considerable, inexpensive electricity for all… stabilized climate… easy and wholesome water, food, and air for all… beautiful blue skies over our cities… low-effect, sustainable forestry, and agriculture… stunning landscapes unspoiled through wires and smokestacks… recycling of truly all wastes… rivers strolling free and natural… thriving sustainable nearby economies… living requirements and education prices growing… start fees declining… an international lifestyle of sharing… unleashed human creativity… a new and lasting generation of global peace…

With a revolution in strength as the foundation of renewed and loving stewardship of our planet, we can rework our world into a beautiful and wholesome domestic full of promise, opportunity, abundance, and peace for all of humanity.


The Challenges

Important and unprecedented challenges now face our civilization, causing a terrible toll on our humans, our partner species, and the planet itself. If not reversed quickly. They threaten to end human lifestyles on this planet.

Without a revolution in energy, we will no longer be able to act with the rate and scope demanded via the weather alternate emergency we are facing. With this revolution, we will be capable of creating sustainable and just monetary development required for global peace.


Renewable Types of Power

The most common definition is that renewable power is from a strength useful resource that is changed swiftly by means of a natural system along with electricity generated from the solar or from the wind. maximum renewable varieties of power, apart from geothermal and tidal strength, ultimately come from the sun.

Shooting renewable strength by flora, animals and human beings do no longer permanently deplete the resource. Fossil fuels, at the same time as theoretically renewable on a completely long time-scale. They are exploited at fees that may dissipate those assets in the close to future. Renewable energy assets can be used immediately or used to create different more convenient forms of energy.