What is Energy? It is ability to do work.

Work shifts strength from one system to some other.

Energy is…

  • a scalar quantity,
  • abstract and can not constantly be perceived,
  • given which means through calculation,
  • a critical idea in technological know-how.

Strength can exist in lots of distinctive forms. All types of electricity are either kinetic or ability.

As we are not absolutely isolated from our environment, then we ought to don’t forget the effect of the natural and guy-made environments on our properly being. Our dating with our own family, pals, paintings colleagues and our social interactions in standard also play an critical element on our well being. Our personal financial troubles and people of our united states of america additionally affect us. Our cherished merchandise of present day era have harmful aspect outcomes. To be able to tackle all the ones different components that really include all fields of lifestyles, we ought to discover a commonplace thing, which we can use as our place to begin to understand all those exclusive elements of our nicely-being.

what is energy
what is energy

What is Energy?

A commonplace aspect to the entirety might be energy. Physics inform us that everything is strength, even what we recall stable remember is without a doubt power. All life features are based on power interactions. Eenergy interactions are the hidden measurement at the core of any perceivable physiological characteristic. In all the above areas, properly-being is the end result of power stability. Any disturbance of that balance produces either over or underneath pastime, which manifests as a problem.


Does Everybody Truely Realize What is Energy?

First, let us try and apprehend what electricity is? The famous American Physicist Richard Feynman talk about it in his well-known Sixties Lectures on physics “ …In Physics today, we don’t have any know-how of what power truly IS!”We realize electricity thru its manifestations in exclusive forms: heat, magnetism, strength… and so forth. We understand how to use positive formulas to quantify and use the exceptional sorts of power, that in the long run gave us cutting-edge era, but we nevertheless do now not recognise the essence of the strength that may take one form or any other. The general medical definition from the Encyclopedia Britannica: “strength is ability to supply action or effect” defines power not in what it really is however via one in all its attributes. Except the traditional types of manifestation of energy in form of heat, movement…etc, many different ‘results’ can absolutely be defined as manifestations of power. We have to encompass vitality, emotions, and mind, into the power repertoire. an entire new photograph arises which would want a whole new Physics to grasp it.

Some Physicists tell us that the creation of the universe began with a “ big Bang “, a form of an explosion bobbing up from a preceding strong state of nothingness. The explosion “ released “ strength, it did not create it, due to the fact in Physics we understand that power cannot be made out of nothing or destroyed lower back to nothing. So this power ought to were there in the not anything earlier than the universe commenced. It changed into an characteristic or potential existent in what we term as not anything. So energy is “ something “ that after dormant is perceived as “ nothing “ and when it movements then it will become something.

What is Energy?


Strength Creates The Number One Motion

What is Energy produces the “ number one motion “, despite the fact that whatever we do this produces unique sorts of “ secondary motion “ transforms that electricity into the different bureaucracy via which we understand it. The most effective difference among “ nothing “ and “ the whole thing “ is simply motion. but what’s it that actions we do no longer understand. All what we will realize is that this movement creates the duality of opposites, and that this motion is balanced in a manner that we should name “ geometrical “, a balance that creates complementarities out of opposites, which gives the possibility of all ranges of advent, which includes our bodily reality. furthermore, this balanced movement creates time and area that manifests on many tiers in line with its mode and degree of perception. All attributes can only exist within time and area due to the fact we want their opposites to perceive them. The real essence of power past time and area is therefore not feasible thru the attributes. we will try as we will, however might be still left with the unanswerable query: What is Energy?

The Essence of What is Energy

The essence of stagnant “ slumbering “ strength earlier than the big bang is beyond duality, time and area, and attributes. But the attributes exist already inside it one way or another. Beyond duality each attribute in its severe and its opposite might exist as one and inseparable. Existence-extinction, useless-alive, up-down, right-left might be meaningless to us. Which means that our focus this is based totally on duality and time and space can’t understand or comprehend it. we are able to simplest perceive the attributes.

The first movement is but a completely special big bang. It has inside it a type of a program that governs all components of this movement, just like the program that governs the boom of a seed to come to be a tree. To control a motion one should be aware about it and have a law to apply to the movement. focus implies recognition. however consciousness is an advanced state of lifestyles. laws to stability motion have to have that means of the stability, therefore not just intelligence, however wisdom, due to the fact mind on my own does no longer vital produce meaning to create stability. What is Energy… whether or not as nothing, some thing, something, or the entirety, is the natural essence of attention and expertise. Even in its primordial country of nothingness it’s miles already on the very best and most state-of-the-art stage of life.

What is Energy?


Strength is Conscious

If Energy is conscious and therefore “ alive “ then every manifestation or transformation of that electricity is only a one-of-a-kind movement with all of the properties of the essence manifested in step with the type of movement. But before we go further we need to remember the fact that as we have shown above the characteristic that manifests as recognition within time and space is launched from the unique aware-unconscious kingdom. So the whole lot in the universe whether or not it is a stone, plant, or animal has the authentic essence of understanding and focus tailor-made to its particular function. Even in the equal being the cognizance and knowledge of a blood cell, an immune cellular, a water molecule, or our human attention are just the unique essence doing one of a kind features. No Physicist can probable understand what strength actually is because Physics has now not yet acknowledged the results of emotions and thought as a shape of power, not to talk of all of the invisible geographical regions and dimensions. it appears that evidently religious doctrines have been constantly nearer to the fact, and now alternative Sciences are catching up. Within the starting, there was THE phrase is extra accurate, as it entails the which means, awareness, and expertise, no longer determined inside the large bang.



If the entirety is energy, and power method recognition, focus and know-how manifesting in another way then the whole lot is aware about everything else. The entirety is in a communique of a few sort. but considering energy manifests in a different way in one-of-a-kind varieties of movement, the secondary tiers of cognizance formed in every form of introduction are distinctive. This makes attention and communication hard, similar to people speakme exclusive languages. The communication must be taking place on an internal not unusual level, in a common language, not necessarily understood by using the “customized” degree of every form of advent. The so-called “ language of the coronary heart “ that the mystics speak approximately is slowly merging to be more clinical than expected. This form of verbal exchange comes from the world of tune. Pythagoras, the Greek father of arithmetic and track who spent 22 years in Egypt and was genuinely initiated inside the “ Egyptian Temple Sciences “, described the motion of the celebs within the sky as “ music of the Spheres “ showing that there was a common language among track and astronomy.

What is Energy?


Resonance: Usual Energy Language

Exclusive degrees of energy interact via resonance to provide concord. like the strings of a piano, if we strike one then every eighth string will vibrate generating a legitimate but our piano here extends in each directions to span the entire universe from the smallest to the most important. at some point of resonance all the strings of comparable fine within the universe engage. The exchange on every string is trade of records, sensed as exceptional. We cannot separate the bodily from the emotional or the intellectual tiers of electricity. The not unusual thing between these stages is power, which manifests in another way on each level inside us. But electricity will also be suffering from resonance with similar ranges in our surroundings. These are what we name the collective levels. We’re constantly tormented by and in flip affect the collective vitality, emotional, and intellectual summary energy ranges round us. The Swiss psychologist Karl Gustav Jung has executed a lot to make us aware of the effect of the collective levels on our psyche. He revived the airtight ideas of the Gnostics of Alexandria, and the Arab philosophers and Sufis.

When  power fields are in resonance, and trade information, something happens after the resonance is over. the 2 structures do no longer move back to their unique country. A type of vibrational “impregnation” takes place, which means that a part of the brand new records leaves an imprint at the energy gadget. Structures then, are in constant evolution through resonance or interplay. However what is precisely implied via impregnation? there is a kind of reminiscence in every electricity device.


The Entirety Has an Evolving Persona

If in each interaction between two strength systems, which we can also consult with as reminiscence systems, an statistics exchange takes area, then these structures are in regular evolution and growth. interaction, communique, reminiscence, and evolution affect the nice of interaction among systems and what results is a sure mode of consciousness and notion. That effects in the introduction of an person fact to that device, which in turn results in the formation of a persona in an effort to symbolize the verbal exchange and interplay of the system. So the whole lot within the universe from the atom, grain of sand, flora, human beings, to the sun system, as much as the whole universe has a personality of a few sort. This character interacts within its very own notion of time and area and may not be without problems perceived by different structures inside other time and area dimensions.


New International View of Living Universe

From these middle concepts we will cope with holistic health as, strength stability on all stages inner and outside to our system, character and collective. we will keep in mind that the collective tiers are a form of life, and part of the psyche of the Earth Being, with which we have interaction. as soon as we keep in mind that we are handling any other shape of Being with a personality that can interact and react, then our entire outlook to the surroundings and its reaction via nature’s forces will trade. From the smallest virus or micro organism to the cells of life, the person, the Earth, we find a shape of Being residing inside every other shape of Being. The complete universe is like one brilliant multilevel Being all the way all the way down to the smallest particles within the atoms, that are alive of their personal way and feature their personal memory and persona.


Whilst we study in lots of non secular scriptures, as those of historical Egypt, the holy Koran of Islam, or in lots of aboriginal ideals what indicates that everything within the universe prays to Divine Being in its personal manner, we must take this as a demonstration that the entirety is alive and therefore conscious in its personal manner.