Electricity is an essential service and part of daily living. In the past, consumers had no choice in electricity providers in Texas and simply connected to the power grid through the existing, local electric company.

electricity providers in texas


However, in Texas, energy was deregulated in 2002, meaning that consumers are now able to choose from several electrical power companies that will provide electricity to their home or place of business. Electricity providers in Texas allow Texans to opt for a provider with whom they align philosophically and with the best deal for them financially.


Top electricity providers in Texas.


Direct Energy.

It offers numerous home services, including plumbing, HVAC, and electrical repair. Their professionals can perform small to large repairs, making your home safer and your utilities more convenient. It is one of the electricity providers in Texas.


Spark Energy

It offers electricity and natural gas to residents and businesses across the country. Pennsylvania residents and business owners can enjoy lower rates, transferrable service, and referral rewards by switching to Spark.


Champion Energy Services

It is backed by the clean power generator Calpine. Champion provides electricity to residents and businesses living and operating in select deregulated energy markets, including Pennsylvania.


Just Energy

It is one of the top electricity providers in Texas for the United States and Canada. They offer green energy options, and their SmartStat thermostat helps you save money by using the latest technology.


Green Mountain Energy

It has offered energy services since 1997, including green energy options. They offer both residential and commercial plans, and you can set up a quote via their customer website.


TXU Energy

It offers straightforward pricing plans and innovative products and tools. Their rates are competitive and affordable, and they offer free electricity during certain times of day, including nights and mornings.



It offers the Predictable Pay plan, which sets your payment for the next 12 months so no surprises when you get your bill. They offer several payment plans, and they have same-day service connection if you move.


Cirro Energy

It offers excellent customer service and affordable energy plans. Their residential and commercial plans can help you save money and then offer fixed-price green energy alternatives, as well.


Bounce Energy

It offers perks for using their services, including easy bill pay, free rewards and more. They offer many options for their energy services, including a Build-Your-Own Electricity Plan.


WTU Retail Energy

It has a new mobile app so paying your bill and viewing your usage is simple and quick. Their energy-saving center will help you reduce your energy usage, reducing your overall monthly bill.


Many electricity providers in Texas have been around for decades, and each has a reputation that precedes it. So Customers may want to take into account a company’s history and how they have handled providing electricity in the past.

One of the most important features of an electric company is the type of electricity plan offered to consumers. This is often the most important deciding factor for customers choosing a provider.

There’s no doubt that electricity uses up some of the Earth’s natural resources. However, some energy companies in Texas are more eco-friendly than others. So using different sources of power and dispersing different amounts of emissions into the environment.