First of all, we will discuss the very useful nuclear strength. Nuclear strength does not emit greenhouse gases. The source of green electricity, which can effectively replace fossil fuels. Nuclear produces electrical energy. Many advantages of the application of nuclear strength. Surely in our hearts, there are still feelings of anxiety. What if there is a leak like what happened in Japan lately? How about the waste? The man-made nuclear weapons experiment. So It has added to the radioactivity that has naturally existed in the universe.


nuclear strength


Surely the development of nuclear strength is very rapid. In the more advanced countries. One of them in Canada. The country that pioneered the research, development, and application of safe nuclear technology. The Government of Canada stands behind the nuclear industry. And this commitment applies to the ranks of the government.

Actually, every job is risky, whatever we do if we are not careful then disaster will arise. Workers working in the chemical industry must also be careful. Because if they are careless, they can be chemically toxic. Similarly, nuclear strength such as nuclear reactors. Reactor leaks that occur in Japan is a mere human negligence.

The Government buried Nuclear waste is deep underground. In a stable layer of granite rock. Granite rock formations can be stable for up to 1.5 million years or even more.


Human-made nuclear strength experiments.

Although many countries reduced nuclear weapons trials since 1962, fears of nuclear war remain. So the development of nuclear strength for peaceful purposes will continue. Because the supply of fossil fuels (such as gasoline, kerosene, and others) is running low. So with increasing nuclear strength, shortage of electrical energy can be overcome.

But, We must anticipate the volume of radioactive waste, monitored and controlled. As should be done against hazardous and toxic materials. St. Mount eruption is more dangerous than the nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island (TMI) in 1979. Because the mountain is releasing far more substances. And radioactive rays into the atmosphere. Nuclear reactors do not pose a significant health risk. If operating the reactor properly.


Use of nuclear strength in various fields.

Nuclear strength has a variety of good for human life. We can benefit if we are able to manage nuclear strength.

Use of nuclear strength in the field of animal husbandry.

The researchers successfully used radioactive isotopes to use feed. So more livestock will consume with the same amount of feed. The name is Urea Molasses Multinutrient Block. which the breeders used it.

This causes the animals given the formula can be faster development. More fat and weight increases. Can improve the quality and production of cattle milk, and speed up reproduction.

In the field of animal husbandry produce vaccines for chicks. They used nuclear strength to produce vaccines for chicks. They Also produce Animal feed cattle vaccines.

The radiation nuclear technique carried out in the field of cattle health. It is beneficial to undermine the pathogenicity of the disease. Among others, caused by bacteria, viruses, and worms. Scientists have also managed to find the use of radiation. To make radio vaccine and preserving livestock products. Radio vaccine is a vaccine-making technique by means of irradiation. Through this vaccine, immune or cattle antibodies against illness can be increased. In any animal genetic improvement effort can utilized nuclear strength.

Use of nuclear strength in the field of Agriculture

Nuclear strength produces radiation. The Isotope and Radiation Application Center is the Body. It has produced some new improved varieties by way of mutations by radiation impact. Such as rice varieties for lowland and plateau, soybeans, and green beans.

For example, once rice production only 4 – 5 tons per hectare. But, with improved varieties of radiation mutation results. Then the productivity of the harvest increased to 7-11 tons per hectare.

Nuclear power is the reduction of the use of artificial fertilizers. And the use and improvement of land productivity, plant pest control.

Use of nuclear strength in the field of mining.

Radioisotopes provide great benefits in the field of mining. In petroleum mining, radioisotopes help to find traces of water in rock layers. The process of water, injection is necessary. For certainty that the water is inserted into the rock layer really into the desired oil hollows. Here radioisotopes play a role. Radioisotopes cobalt-57, cobalt-58, and cobalt-60. In the form of hexacyanocobaltate ions is the solution. This ion will move together with the injection water. So that the direction of the water movement can be detected. By detecting the presence of the cobalt radioisotope.

Radioactive tritium and cobalt 60 are used to trace underground oil flows. And then determine the best strategy to inject water into the wells. This will force out the remaining oil in pockets that have not before been lifted. Millions of extra barrels of crude oil have been obtained in this way. So nuclear strength is good.


So nuclear strength is not a scary thing.