Masses of lawsuits from users of the electrically powered bike. And not some who do not make improvements. And just making that bothered electric powered bike right into a nugatory junk. Battery problems are the most frequent issues in the electrically powered bike. Nearly a median of some electrically powered users experiences this trouble.


electrically powered bike



Symptom 1 = battery hassle

Ø when in full fast charger full

Ø electric powered bike feels no longer powered,

Ø the battery runs out speedy,

Ø sluggish velocity, and sluggish and every so often dashed speed.


The restore solution is to replace a damaged battery, preferably all of the batteries are changed. However, if you want to store money with the aid of changing an electrically powered bike broken battery simplest. The way to realize which battery is damaged may be measured battery voltage the use of a multimeter. The size is ideal while the machine is ON and is used to play the Dynamo without load.


Damaged electrically powered bike battery prevention solutions are:

Ø avoid heavy load / uphill terrain

Ø Do now not overcharging / charger is simply too lengthy

Ø Do now not too regularly boost up suddenly


Symptom 2 = BLDC motor damage / dynamo

The problem with the BLDC motor is the second one hassle. Although the frequency of damage is much less than battery damage, however every so often a number of users who caught his electric bike just because of the trouble on the motor power.

The symptoms of dynamo harm are:

Ø Motor sounds buzzing rough and no electricity

Ø whilst the motor turns on a limp

Ø Motor will spin while assisted within the prefix

Ø Motor rotation slowly and damaged

Ø The motor does not live while in gasoline. However, while assisted by using hand flip it feels there may be induction towards. That is because of the combination of corridor pattern sensors and 3 levels that do not healthy. Stay random again the combination is performed. but this commonly happens in changed electric powered cars.

Ø BLDC motor spinning momentarily then die now and again volatile round. This is typically due to the fact BLDC motor is just too frequently dismantled and installation much less precision.


Repair answer: BLDC motor pressure damage to electric vehicles usually takes place due to two varieties of issues. The hall hassle of the sensor and the 3 phase motor trouble. However in preferred in electric powered bikes more frequent harm due to hall sensors. three segment damage, harm to mounting cradle, axle damage is more commonplace because of insufficient change.

Repair electrically powered bike with hall sensor hassle.

We can fix the electrically powered bike like Safegle does below:

Ø unloading the electrically powered bike seat or we open the vehicle parts that block the controller. It’s characters so that we will test the hall wiring sensor easily.

Ø locate the hall port of the sensor, typically there are 5 wires with black, red, green, yellow, and blue as within the following photograph:

Ø turn on the ignition key and open the gas manage so that the motor rotates. When the motor rotates, dispose of one of the cables from green, yellow or blue. test with the 3 cables. If when the cable is revoked that happens. Even the motor is getting limp or forestall the cable is eliminated that his hall is not complicated. And if you locate the cable is revoked but the motor still does not appear anything, then it corridor sensor from the color of the cable this is broken. This approach may be very just like the look for the spark plug that is useless on a four-cylinder petrol engine.

Ø if you’ve met then it is time to update the broken sensors.

Ø how to replace it is: do not forget the color of the hall cable broken sensor. Unloading BLDC motor (disassembly isn’t clean), update the corridor of damaged sensors.


For electrically powered bikes that the standards wrote is rare motor harm happens. Perhaps for a widespread car sufficient Do not get too regularly wet / skip thru the watery terrain.