The electric voltage is the magnitude of the capacity difference between the 2 source poles. electrical voltage has a unit of volt and given the image “V”. sources of electrical voltage consist of batteries, mills, batteries, and others.



The electric voltage may be with water pressure within the water tower. Above the tower contained a bathtub of water, the better the region of the water then the greater the strain. If the faucet is opened, the water starts off evolved shifting inside the pipe and its drift charge is intently related to the water pressure.


From this form of power, it can be shaped into every other energy. The international unit of power is joule (J). One J is the electricity obtained through an item if the force of one Newton movements the object at some distance as 1 meter. This electricity is referred to as mechanical power. This will be formulated as follows.


W = F.s where:

W = effort (joule)

F = fashion (newton)

S = distance (meters)


Meanwhile, for electric power, the specified system is

W = Q.V


W = attempt (joule)

Q = Coulomb (C)

V = Volt (V)


Primarily based on the above explanation, it can be concluded that the knowledge of electrical strength may be understood if we recognize in advance what is supposed by using power, what forms of power that exists in our life, and the way the strength can trade shape from one electricity to energy other. So Such power adjustments are very helpful to humans in acting daily sports.


The forms of electricity

# based on how it flows

* Static energy

List static (electrostatic) is a set of electrical charges in large quantities, which static (not flowing), however in case of emptying the charge is very brief time. utilization of static electricity in regular existence, amongst others, to beat back lightning and smoke clotting equipment

* Dynamic energy

Diesel energy is energy that can pass via the conductor connecting the polar. The go with the flow of electricity flowing from high capacity to low capacity. Utilization of dynamic electricity in ordinary life, amongst others, to show on the electrical system in fashionable

# Based on the go with the flow type

* AC energy

AC power, it has alternating modern-day, when viewed in oscilloscope this modern has a waveform like a water wave. This current may be said to be a difficult modern-day because of its wavy shape, the AC current is broadly speaking not able to run electronics, AC contemporary is used for, jogging an AC motor, and transmitting strength distribution from generator plant life to houses, industries, and different consumers.

* DC power

DC power has an immediate present day when considered in a modern-day oscilloscope has a straight form, this current together with the smooth flow because of its direct shapes like a thread, and daddy like a wavy AC present day. most DC strength, because it is able to be used to electricity electronics gadgets. Like tv, radio, DVD, laptop, handphone and DC motor DC contemporary supply comes from battery or strength deliver.

It’s also necessary to recognize the voltage

To understand the definition of electrical energy. It’s also necessary to know the voltage because it’s miles very carefully associated. With the electrical present-day overall performance later.

While a person lifts an item, then the man or woman is said to make an effort. To do business, it takes power. The electricity used is stored on the object that has been lifted. In order that the item is stored ability power.

For that reason, it may be stated. That the definition of electrical power is the ability to carry out paintings associated with electrical current. There are several forms of power associated with electric electricity, particularly mechanical power, warmth strength, and others.